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**Get 2% off on Play products when you order 5 or multiples of 5!**

Great news for all Play brand fans! If you order 5 or multiples of 5 of the same SKU (product code), you'll receive a 2% discount. Please note that this discount only applies when you order 5 or multiples of 5 of a single specific product.

Important: Due to a technical issue in our system, the discount is sometimes incorrectly applied to combinations of different Play products. We are working hard to fix this, but in the meantime, please make sure to only apply the discount as described above.

Thank you for your understanding and happy shopping!


Attention! VAT Number Required!

Dear Customer,

Unfortunately, starting from 2024, it is mandatory to enter a VAT number.

Without a VAT number, you will not be able to place an order.

You can do this in your address details.

Go to the top right of the site to your profile (below the shopping cart).

Go to my addresses and enter the VAT number there.

It is a bit unfortunate as there is also a VAT number field under personal details, and that field is optional.

So, it makes no sense to fill in the VAT number there.

Attention ! Numéro de TVA requis !

Cher Client,

Malheureusement, à partir de 2024, il est obligatoire de saisir un numéro de TVA.

Sans numéro de TVA, vous ne pourrez pas passer de commande.

Vous pouvez le faire dans vos coordonnées.

Rendez-vous en haut à droite du site sur votre profil (sous le panier).

Allez dans mes adresses et entrez le numéro de TVA là.

C'est un peu regrettable car il y a aussi un champ pour le numéro de TVA dans les données personnelles, et ce champ est facultatif.

Il est donc inutile de remplir le numéro de TVA ici.

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