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The best and softest dog blanket and dog towel available in its kind. It is unprecedented how much water the Ruby can absorb. You can also use the Ruby as a blanket in the basket, kennel or on the couch and fit in the TPX-Pro benches. 

Trendpet Maten
  • 50x35
  • 60x45
  • 75x55
  • 90x65
  • 110x70
  • 110x80
  • 130x90
  • 170x100 cm


The Ruby dog ​​blankets feel very soft and absorb a lot of water. These dog rugs are also called cuddly blankets because they feel so soft. So these blankets are good to use on a chair or couch or in a bench or kennel. You dry your dog super fast after a bath or if you have walked in the rain. 

The Ruby is available in 8 different sizes.

From the Trendpet brand, the Dryko dog drying towel is available from the same super absorbent material with 2 handy compartments to put your hands in so that they do not get wet while drying the dog.

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